Saturday, February 2, 2008

Year of the Rat

Just got word this week that my design for the St. Clair/Superior Development Corp's Year of the Rat public sculpture project was selected for the first round. It will be in a portfolio of other designs available for sponsorship.

Here is a link to the information if anyone is interested in how this works. There's a photo of the sculpture blank (he's a rat, but he's cute), and information on how to sponsor one of them.

My design is the "Pie-rat." :D


Karen at Pen in Hand said...

Ha! Excellent! (Is a "pie-rat" crusty or does he say "arrr" a lot?)

dibujandoarte said...

HI!Thanks for visiting my blog. I've just looked at all your posts (haven't read all just see the images) and you've got a cool blog! I'd never seen so many lemurs altogether, they look great! Will add you to my blogroll to visit again later. Greetings. Martín.

little sis said...

Yeah. I know Kim will also be very excited to hear the news about the Pie-rat.

Lost In Wonder said...

Karen, Ha-Ha! It's "Pie-Rat" as in "ARRR." But, I guess he can also be a crusty old pie-rate.

Thanks for the ad. I'm glad you posted, because I was trying to find your site again, and I couldn't find it in my explorer history. I definitely wanted to add yours to my list too!

Sis-it's about time you posted!

Leslie F. said...

YAY! Congratulations!

Though the site doesn't have your concept up yet, darn it. I went there and clicked around and just kept getting "coming soon"s. :P