Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cleveland Sketchcrawl

Yesterday was the latest of the Cleveland Sketchcrawl. It was a nice turnout, despite the cold weather and overcast skies. We made our way over to the library across the Superior, and settled into the Special Collections room. There, I tried to focus on one small thing in order to have something finished when it was time to move again. That's where I did the chess piece. There were tons of chess sets all over the room. And, it would definitely be fun to go there and sketch more. When it was time to move, I was just about done inking the words that I'd copied from the description card. We then went to the general reference room, where I plopped down and drew the first thing that I saw, which was the info desk. I was trying to not be too picky about what I drew, so that I didn't waste time wandering around looking for inspiration. It was fun to draw, because it was a rounded counter with all kinds of stuff on the top. At one point, I went out into the entrance to take a phone call, and I found the glass globe lamp. If I had realized that was there, I'd have sat on the steps out there and drew that. But, I can always do that some other time. Remember that the next sketchcrawl is only 1 month away, and you can definitely join--see the link to the right. And, check out Karen's blog, she did much better than I did at the sketchcrawl--her link is to the right and it's "Pen in Hand."


Karen at Pen in Hand said...

Oh, please. Your sketches are great! I was thirsting to do one of the chess pieces, too, Maureen - we should go back there no matter what.

Meagan said...

Nice use of color here... limited color is always a favorite of mine.