Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Not everyone is a gem. This one was a nice experiement in trying to keep my inklines straight. I really jumbled it up in the tree branches, and in trying to fix it up, I just made it worse, of course.

West 9th

I ventured all the way out to the west side to snap pictures a couple of weeks ago to do more of these little ink drawings.

Okay, West 9th isn't way out to west side, but it does feel like I'd crossed and invisible line. Anyhow, had my passport stamped and I'm back home on the east side. I took only photographs and left only footprints.
I'm also all done watching movies at the film festival. I saw 17 total (thanks to my sister turning in the tickets that she hadn't used). My two favorites were One Bad Cat (about the Reverand Albert Wagner and his artwork) and The First Saturday in May (about the 2006 Kentucky Derby).

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Film Festival and Rock Hall Induction

I haven't been drawing much the last few days, because I've been at the Cleveland Internationl Film Festival ( So far, I've seen 10 movies between Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Yes, I was out in the weather on Saturday. Not so bad when you ride the buses and rapid ( They got me safely to and from and were in great spirits despite the difficult work conditions. Have 6 more movies to see later this week. Might get some drawing done waiting for movies. Was with my sister and friend at the other movies so I didn't have any quiet time to draw, but I will later this week. Also, we were out later last night in order to go to the Rock Hall induction simulcast with my favorite musician/songwriter, John Mellencamp, being inducted by one of my other favorite musician/songrwiters, Billy Joel. Was a great ceremony with some very touching stories and a lot of humor. I highly suggest that you do this one year. It's only $5, and you can look around the museum all you want during the ceremony. There's plenty of places to nestle in to watch too. Reading: Joan Hess's Damsels in Distress (hadn't read one of these fun mysteries in probably 15 years). Listening to: John Mellencamp (of course, since he's a newly inducted member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Euclid Avenue

I don't know the name of this building, I think it's a hotel, but it's on Euclid Avenue near Playhouse Square. The little booth in front is the the old C-Tix booth.
Just 3 days before I go on a mini-vacation to go to the film festival and see some friends.