Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Melbourne, Australia (circa 2004)

This was from a photo I took in Melbourne back in 2004. I wanted to play with some pen and ink techniques, and I think this worked fine. I'm going to play more with this over the next few days.
I got a couple of emails from friends about my fall at work. It was my own fault when it had happened. I knew that it was slick on the steps, but I just went down them too fast, slipped, grabbed the dumpster to brace myself, but the dumpster moved. I thought that I wrenched my ankle, but I actually did something to my wrist when I tried to catch myself. It feels fine now.


Anonymous said...

This sketch takes me back to our trip. I wish you would do more of them. I also love the street scenes you have been doing.

Lost In Wonder said...

You know, this isn't much of an "anonymous" comment :D

I'm actually going to work on one of those bottom-heavy lady sculptures in that beach community that we stayed overnight, Lorne.

Katherine said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

I really your sketches done in pen and ink and a little bit of colour. Recently I've been experimenting in the same direction myself, from time and time, and I really like the effect.