Monday, August 29, 2011

Avengers' Movie Set

Joined 3 other sketchers Sunday to sketch part of the Avengers' movie set. We were at the corner of East 9th and Prospect. Not a lot was going on at this end. There was something going on at one of the other locations, because we did hear a gunshot at one point that came from furhter up the street. We also saw a lot of workmen going through the pile of debris to find twisted and mangled street grates to take elsewhere.

A guy stopped by and told us about how the movie people were blowing up East 14th overnight. I guess we missed that action.

Mina (one of the other sketchers) told us about how the reason this particular point in East 9th was closed was because the bulk of the storefronts had no businesses in them. So, it wasn't hard for them to shut it down.

A little later in the morning, the people coming in for the Indians' game started to show up at the bars. Some stopped by the movie set to peer up the road, but for the most part, it was about 10am, and they were drinking lots of beer at the bars. I repeat, at 10am. We did get treated to a scalper across the street that was screaming, "Tickets!" for about an hour. I'm not sure he is going to make enough money off of scalping tickets to make that worthwhile, especially since you can walk right up to the ticket window and buy some. The other treat we saw, were 50-something men who were really pushing the capacity of their button-front Indians' jerseys.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Dublin Irish Festival

I haven't been out to sketch for a couple of weeks, but I forgot that I hadn't posted my sketch that was based on the Dublin Irish Festival. I had a meeting at work that morning, so we got a late start to getting to Dublin, Ohio, and as you can see from the notes from my sketchbook, the day turned ugly pretty fast after we got there.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

More from Taste of Tremont

I forgot that I hadn't posted this sketch from the Taste of Tremont. This was the 2nd sketch of the morning, right before we went to go around and eat. I originally sat in the grass to draw this, but then this bug kept biting me. It seriously felt like it had vampire teeth, hurt so bad everytime he got me. Noreen said that it was a deer fly. I said that if I got West Nile, that they would know to come and spray here. It was a relentless fly. I got up, sprayed myself with bug spray, and it landed on my legs before the bug spray dried. I looked around and, gross, but I had set up about 2 feet from a pile of dog crap. I moved to the sidewalk, and that bug left me alone.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More from Wade Lagoon

This is more from last Sunday drawing around Wade Lagoon. I tried drawing this church a couple of years ago, and I'm not sure I did any better this time around. It's really a hard building to draw, and I didn't help myself by not sitting directly in front of it.