Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow Day & Don't Click Links in Comments

Snowed most of the day today, and I'm really sore from shoveling (repeatedly).
Also, tired from waiting for the bus for so long this morning and tonight. I swear the 41 is never on time. One morning, I had to abandon my wait, return home, and get my car. I guess in the great scheme, it wasn't too bad on the way home, about 15 minutes late. And, it wasn't all that cold when I was coming home. It had actually turned to rain.
If I move again, I'm looking where I will only have to take one bus to get to work. Though, I'm not at all ready to give up my building. It's the best bargain in Cuyahoga County. Swimming pool, free heat, free a/c, tennis courts, community party room, exercise room with cable tv, security guard, lobby camera I can see on tv. . . . .
Had to delete and repost this in order to get rid of a post with a link to unrelated junk. To protect yourself, please don't click on random links you see in the comments area of my blog. I will try to remove them when I see them, but the only safe links are in the special links area, in the body of my blog, or by clicking a person's name in the comments are in order to see their blog.

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leslie said...

Wow. The Google ad at the top of your page today says "Paint a Giant Lemur." Did they nail your blog or what? :D