Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Playhouse Square and Chandelier

This is from the sketch outing of the Urban Sketchers Cleveland this past June.  Never got around to posting them.  I was happy to get 2 sketches done, that's more than I usually get accomplished in the time we're there.  It was a great showing of sketchers, several new ones.

The chandelier was installed this year over the intersection of Euclid Ave and East 14th.  It's really big, and a lot of people showed up the night of the first light up.  It's really stricking, and the buildings around there are very detailed and historic.  I think that's why so many people showed up to sketch that day. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Charlie's Restaurant

This was one of the busiest areas that I've ever sketched.  Though, just cars.  Only one person passed me while I was drawing, and he offered to get me a drink.  It took a little longer to draw, just because there were times when there was enough traffic blocking my view when the lights would change.

I've been wanting to draw this little place for a long time.  It's in the corner of a shopping strip parking lot, facing the street, it's back to the parking lot.  I just love how half of it looks like a dog house and has two howling dogs painted on it.

It's one of those places that I couldn't get any other sketchers to join me at, so I went myself this morning. 

I'm going to run out of days where it's comfortable to sketch soon.  Today, it wasn't cold, but I did have to wear a serious coat.  You know the winter weather is coming, look at the ad I drew for a coat that is "like a down jacket, but stronger." 

The rear end of a red car you see, that's mine.