Friday, June 3, 2016

Sweet Moses

Went early this morning before there would be a lot of cars parked along Detroit Avenue that would block my view.  Also, to avoid temptation from the incredible ice cream inside Sweet Moses.

Sweet Moses has been open about 5 years at this point.  I've gone several times, and each time it was a fond memory because of the food and the friends.  One of the first visits I'd made was with my sketching buddies after we'd sketched the Garden Walk on Clinton.  We all got ice cream cones and sat outside eating. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

International Children's Theater Festival and ANTS

Playhouse Square hosted the International Children's Theater Festival on Mothere's Day where they had plenty of activities for families.  It was our second sketch outing for the spring, and luckily, both days we'd scored beautiful weather, just a slight chill in the breeze. 

The Ants performed the top of the hour, moving breadcrumbs.  They little kids had to figure out how to help the Ants move the crumbs and how to set them up.  The Ants never spoke, and just made clicking noises.  One of the other sketchers noticed that the people in the costumes must have really studied ants, because they moved their heads in a manner that made them very convincing. 

It was good to get out with the sketchers for a good sunny day and catch some sun.  It was the first time we actually needed sunscreen.  And, people laugh, but my car always has a snow shovel and sunscreen in it.  Because, well, you never know!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Women's International Air & Space Museum

Joined the sketchers at the International Women's Air & Space Museum on Saturday, February 27, 2016.  First sketch outing I'd made it to in a very long time.  (Sadly, since August last year).  This is located at Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland.

This was a great location with some airplanes inside and outside on the airfield to sketch, statutes, flight outfits, and even space food (space macaroni and cheese was probably the least appetizing food I'd ever seen in my life).

Definitely planning on making a lot more outings this year.  I just have to work at planning my time well.