Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Urban Sketchers Cleveland met at League Park this past Saturday.  It was a great morning to be outside sketching. 

League Park is the original baseball stadium for Cleveland.  Some pretty incredible things had happened there.  Cy Young pitched there.  Babe Ruth hit his 500th homerun there.  The outfield fence was taller than the Green Monster in Boston.  It was also home to the Cleveland Buckeyes, who won a Negro League World Series there.  This building at the wall along East 66th are the last remaining pieces of the structure.  When you look at the inside of the wall, you can see evidence of the ramp that went up to the upper level.  On Lexington, you can see where the road is wider in front of the park, where the trolley cars stopped to drop off people for the games. 

Right now there are efforts to restore the park.  The grounds are being maintained, and people are using them for different things.  The morning we were there, a man was practicing his golf swing.  I also spoke with a man who was walking his two dogs.  One wanted to be my best friend while the other seemed to walk herself home.