Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Progressive Field

I still call it Jacobs Field. I think it's an Ohio thing, where no matter how many times people rename something, they continue to call it by the original name. I also still call the arena "The Gund."

Second, this was an odd angle for drawing the baseball stadium, but it's what I could see from the shade. The overhang above the seats was the hardest to get the angle right, but that's the part that worked out the best, in my opinion.

Not many people were around here early Sunday morning, so it was nice and quiet for drawing.


Karen Sandstrom at Pen in Hand said...

It still IS Jacobs Field, I agree.
I like how you distilled your sketch to just the lines you needed.

Kay said...

I remember when it was built and it is still Jacob's field. In Salt Lake City the NBA stadium was the Delta Stadium, now it is Energy Solutions Arena! And the minor league baseball field was always Dirks field after a man who played ball in the 20's..It has been rebuilt and has been Franklin Covey and now Spring Mobile..awful names..