Thursday, June 10, 2010

Long John Silver's

It seemed silly to draw a Long John Silver's, but there were interesting angles that proved challenging from this perspective. Plus, I have a soft spot for LJS's, as you can see in the story. I'm not sure of all people who were raise Catholic have such an affinity for this place, but I certainly do.
The other reason that I drew it was because I was out to draw, but the weather looked menacing, and I wanted to draw something from my car. So, I parked across the street at the closed Value City store and set up in my front seat. The closed Value City is weird, because they were rather overly optimistic when predicting how many parking spaces they would need. It's the largest ever parking lot for a single, stand-alone store.

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john.p said...

I'm with you on LJS. Always loved their fried fish. However, our daughter doesn't like them, so we rarely went. It's still a treat to me. Great sketch. Looks like the perspective all worked.