Friday, June 4, 2010

Cleveland Cultural Gardens

I had to make two trips to the Cleveland Cultural Gardens in order to do both of these Chinese lions that stand guard at the Chinese Cultural Garden. I sketched the first one, and then a huge, dark, scary cloud moved over head. I went to Koko's Bakery for lunch, and I inked the first lion while eating my rice bowl (which explains the sauce you may see on the paper) and free custard tart. Koko's is great for this. I think if they think you've waited too long for service or your food, they give you something for free (though, honestly, I don't think I've ever had an excessive wait there, even when they're swamped, so maybe they give you something free if they recognize that you're a repeat customer?).

I did the other one later, when I couldn't stay home a second longer due to how hot my apartment was. Yet again, they turned off the a/c! My apartment gets very hot because the sun beats on me from about 3pm until the sun goes down in the evening. So, I went back to the gardens to enjoy the nice breeze outside that wasn't coming in through my windows.

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Kay said...

ok I never knew there was so much to Cleveland. I grew up in Akron and still have lots to see there everytime I visit.