Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lincoln Park House

I don't often get people who want to see what I'm doing while I'm out drawing, but the other day, I did. I had parked near Lincoln Park in Tremont in order to draw the bath house. When I got out of the car, I looked up and saw this house. I quickly blew off the bath house, and I decided to draw this instead.

Shortly after I'd started, a guy came out of the house and came over. He was very happy to see that I was drawing his house, because he'd thought the house next door was "nicer." It wasn't to me, the one next to it was pretty boring. I told him, "But your house is purple!" He said that his daughter likes to sketch, and he might bring her over. He did, and she said something like, "That doesn't look like our house." Her father tried to make nice by saying something like, oh, it sure does, look at that, it looks just like it. Oh, well, remember? I said, "Everyone's a critic."

The nice thing was, as I'd went to move on, his daughter was in their yard holding a sketchbook which was very nice.


Sandy Smith said...

The owner of that house and his kids walk through the park almost every day and pick up trash. They really care about the neighborhood. I'm glad you chose their house to draw!
Sandy Smith

Kay said...

I love that people are interested in what you are doing. It is fun to interact with them.

john.p said...

That's a neat old house. I see why it attracted you.