Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cleveland Sketchcrawl

I got to the sketchcrawl 15 minutes late, because my tai chi class ended at 9:45. And, I couldn't find the group anywhere around the west side of the flats. After looking for probably 2 minutes, I just settled in with the seagulls, and started to draw. It was nice that once I got into something, I didn't have to get up and move on with the group to a second location.

I was in the nice warm sun near the river, even had a picnic table to set up at.


Karen Blados said...

oh, i recognize that! i'm sorry we missed you, but glad you got such a wonderful sketch!

ZooMan55 said...

I was the other there that morning, although new to that group. Sorry we were lost, but glad you enjoyed the day. Your sketch is very nice. I only got a couple done myself. You can see one at .

Lisa Reed said...

So brave to draw all those windows and doors. Glad you had fun and I am enjoying your blog. We crawled in Austin Texas and had a blast!