Monday, October 27, 2008

Giant Jawbreaker

I haven't been up to much pastel work in the last few weeks. My hand hasn't totally healed (though, it's much better than it had been over the summer), and I've been very focused on losing weight. I've lost 41lbs so far.
That said, you have to wonder why my latest pastels have all been about candy. I don't know, but candy is very colorful and has great reflections. I haven't gone after much in the way of car portrait commissions, because I usually go to talk to people at car shows in the summer. With my hand doing poorly over the summer, I wasn't anxious to go after that work over the summer. Which means that Christmas will be lean for me in commissions. I know that I have 2 scheduled, and that might be about all. Though, I do have time for more, I assure you!
So, this is how far my latest pastel has gotten over the weekend. It has a sibling painting that is in the trash already, but I think it was good to throw that out to get a complete fresh start. This one looks okay to me. It has that slightly shiny/slightly chalky look of those giant jawbreakers. I just loosely laid the color of the gumballs in, because it was getting late last night. I might not have time to work on it again until probably Wednesday night. But, it's going smoothly so far.

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Timothy McLaney said...

You know, I thought that jawbreakers are just fictional candies that the characters from the show "Ed, Edd n Eddy" are sucking on (and made me think that someday, they'll need a dentist), but in fact it really exist, then I was surprised when I saw it first at a candy store in Moncks Corner. When I bought one due to sheer curiosity, it was pretty good, in which became the thing I regularly buy after going for an appointment at the dentist (North Charleston) as a petty reward for myself.