Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No New Drawings

I haven't been drawing a whole lot lately, because I've been spending my spare time either reading books or on the treadmill down in my building's exercise room. I've read so many books in the last few weeks. Mostly non-fiction. I had told someone at work who also works at a bookstore, of which I haven't done in about 4 years. I told her that I have been so disappointed in fiction lately, that I haven't been reading a lot this year. Everytime I dropped $26 or so on a book, I would read a few pages, and become totally disinterested. She said, "Non-fiction is the new fiction." I have enjoyed reading non-fiction, but it's never what I gravitate toward when I'm at the bookstore. But, taking her advice, I strolled only through the non-fiction areas of Barnes & Nobles. I must have found 20 books that looked fascinating to me, and when I did my "first page test," I found that they were written in a way that I knew I would want to read further.

Now, I've devoured so many books, I've switched to the library to save money. I love going to the downtown Cleveland library. They always have what I want, and I can just run down on Sunday afternoon, park for free (unless there's a football game, I presume), and run in to grab what I want.

But, I will try to get some writing done. Maybe I'll do drawings on all of these books that I'm reading?

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