Monday, July 25, 2011

Cleveland Irish Festival

If you have followed my for any amount of time, you would have noticed that I don't normally draw people. I don't have a phobia of drawing people, it's just that they move too much. So, I sat down during the Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival to draw the harpist. He had played during the morning mass, and he had tried to teach us some Gaelic for one of the hymns. Gaelic, even a small hymn, cannot be taught in a few minutes.

Well, while I sat there drawing later in the early afternoon, I thought, "Oh, a harpist, he won't move that much, right?" . . . . Wrong! He moved and he kept moving the sound equipment. So, when I started getting the hang of when to work on him and when to work on the equpiment, then his show was ending. So, I faked it and hide his right arm at his side.

He had a great voice and told some wonderful stories about banshees and such. We heard stories a few years back about how wonderful our Grandfather used to sing these old Irish songs. People used to say that his voice was so beautiful, it made people weep. Some of his friends had even offered him money to send him to New York to record, but he'd never gone. It's so sad, but neither me, nor my sisters had ever heard him sing.

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