Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Pink Nightmare

When I do my sketches outside, I always start in pencil, then either do the line work in ink or the color in marker or watercolor. Well, today, I was outside in between the rain, so I left inking the words until I got home. I was almost done when I huge, unexpected, clap of thunder happened, and needless to say, I can't say that I have nerves of steel since there is evidence of it on my sketchbook page.

A word about my new sketchbook. I have the Moleskine watercolor, and whereas I really dislike having to balance the long format of the book, I really like the paper better than the blank journal (my first which took forever to fill, because it has a bazillion pages) or the sketchbook (which is nice, but does not have white paper, or even off-white, it's full-on yellow).

My goal this summer is to go out and do at least two drawings a week. This was my second this week.


Karen Sandstrom said...

Nicely done. (And I wish the Moleskine people would read your blog.) I especially like the detail you got into those gothic church spires in the background.
Do you know which artist did the Pink Nightmare bunny? That's hilarious.

Maureen said...

Mackenzie Glass was the artist. I had journaled it on the page, but I probably should have added it into the online blog part too. It is hysterical! Very clever.