Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chagrin Falls

If you read the text on the sketch page, you'll see that things were pretty jumping at Chagrin Falls this morning. I thought there was a festival of some sort, but it was actually a farmers' market run by the same people who run the one that I go to about every other Saturday morning. When I finished drawing, I went to browse the market and ran into a vendor that remembered me. He sells pies and quiches, and I usually pick up a red onion and feta mini quiche whenever I see him set up at the other market. I didn't pick one up today, because I just had one yesterday. But, it was tempting.

Instead, I went and got an ice cream cone to have before heading to an arts festival at Legacy Village. This festival was such a disappointment. There wasn't much at all there that was original or interesting. Almost no ceramic artists (you can usually count on them to have affordable and practical pieces) were there. It was just very repetitive with people having the same things, in the same style, and very expensive. I've gone to this show before, and I hadn't had that problem. This is the same reason why I probably won't waste the time going to the Cain Park arts festival. It's the same vendors year in and year out. I've already bought from the one or two that interested me, and even though I like seeing them and seeing what they have new, I have no plans to buy from them again. Plus, it's quite a crock that you have to pay to go in to browse. And, if you're going to ask me to pay to get in to browse, you shouldn't make me walk through giant mud puddles to get to booths. You should use the admission fee to lay down wood planks or hay on those mud puddles. My favorite year, they laid down soil that had fertizlier--so when it got steaming hot, everyone's booths smelled like cow manure!

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