Monday, April 7, 2008

The Chair of Otis

I visited my parents in Pennsylvania on Sunday, and I drew this chair. It's Otis's chair. Their dog's chair. He rules their house. He also plays ball for 22 hours a day, but is scared to go outside in the rain.
It was a long day with the driving, and then going to work for a few hours tonight. Plus, I had this horrible squeak in the car the whole way home. It wasn't until I got home from work that I figured out what it was. It was the rear seatbelt. When I had the rear seats down the last time, I forgot to pull the seatbelt forward, so it squeaked against the wall of the hatch. Drove me nuts!


Serena said...

That chair looks so cozy...Otis must love it!

I hate those types of annoying noises too.

janabouc said...

I love your blog! Your drawings and little stories are wonderful. I lived in Cleveland for one year (the worst year of my life when I was 8) so it was fun seeing that you're a Cleveland artist. I bet it's a much nicer place than it was when I lived there many years ago. Thanks for the interesting comment about your homeless art critic!