Sunday, December 2, 2007

Soldiers & Sailors

For this month's sketchcrawl, we were supposed to spend the morning at Tower City, but we took a sidetrip to the Soldiers & Sailors monument before going over. There was a guide inside who gave a lot of information. He believes that this is the largest monument dedicated to solely the Civil War.
He told the story about how they set off the canon once for a ceremony, and they had no idea how many pigeons were around until that scared them.
Also, the figure at the very top of the monument was modeled after the artist's wife. And, either she's up there immortailized forever, or he knew how many pigeons would perch on her over the years.
This is a sketch of one of the windows in the monument. It's not a Tiffany window, but the guide told us that Tiffany had trained a lot of people in this area, so it's possible that the person who made the windows had studied with him.

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