Monday, December 24, 2007

Double A

Here's my current pastel painting. I'm trying to work a bit looser than normal.
I have this idea to do a series of pastels showing how people gather together, and how often, it's not the actual event that draws them together. But, rather just the companionship.
This is from Canal Park in Akron (thus the "Double A" name). I went to a game when my father was in town, and I got bored. So, I started to snap photos of the crowd. I found this pretty interesting. I've taken some elements out that I thought weren't working compositionally, or when I rendered them loose, they didn't make much sense.

I hope to have this done in the next week.

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Leslie F. said...

Oo. Very pretty!

I had to comment, because I just realized that I was able to now. When you first posted the blog, anyone not on Blogger or Google was barred.

Yay for free speech to the non-GoogleBloggers of the world!

--Leslie F.