Monday, December 10, 2007

Final Class Tonight

Tonight is my last class. This is the project we're turning in tonight. I'm curious to see what everyone came up with, because I didn't go to class last Wednesday.
I was worried about painting the smoky part, but I think it turned out okay. It isn't exactly like how I'd pictured it in my head, but I kind of figured that I wouldn't be able to get acrylic paint to duplicate what I'd had in mind. But, I got the feel and idea that I'd thought of.
My next project is this idea I came up with right before I fell asleep last night. I had to get up and write myself a note so that I wouldn't forget. Every have ideas like that? A great idea, and you think, "I wont forget that by morning." And, 3 days later, you think, "Wasn't there something I wanted to do that that I'd had an idea for?"
So, today I'm going to print up a bunch of reference photos. Then, get started on some quick sketches for it. But, before I get into that too much, I have to polish off a car picture by Thursday.
It felt like I had way too much to do a few days ago, but it's getting done. I did get sick yesterday and lost a lot of time to just lying around, but I feel better today.

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