Thursday, November 8, 2007


I think I made his one eye too big,b ut I think you can look at this and kind of tell it's him, which I guess is an accomplishment.

The article had this great quote, and I wanted to keep it to look back on. I worry an awful lot, and I have t say, after I did this sketch this morning, I launched into a huge fit of worrying that started to make me physically ill. I've moved past it, but I'll be home all day for these worries to nag at me.

I'll probably be posting what I did last night in class soon. We were supposed to pick a theme, and then do our design based on a combination of words that describe that theme. I kind of got an early idea which may work. I picked Christmas, but the teacher is forever trying to stop me from doing "cute" things. So, I had to make some kind of statement about what I was going to draw. I'll post it later and you guys can comment or send an email like usual.

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Karen at Pen in Hand said...

It's a nice portrait, Maureen. I like the definition you did by color around the face. Funny, Michael Stipe's name just came up during a lunch discussion today and I had to search my brain for who he was. And now here's here.