Friday, November 9, 2007

Class Theme Project

This is from the class project that I'd mentioned yesterday. This is a xerox of my sketch, because the scanner wouldn't pick up the original which was done with a hard pencil on tracing paper.
My theme was Christmas, and I had to think of 25 words about it. Then, I had to pick random sets of 6 words and work them around another theme for a sketch. I was once again told not to go "cute" with my work. She said that I had to find something to say about Christmas; to make a point or statement.

My first sketch was with a Santa devouring cookies. I elaborated on it to have him all wide-eyed and crazed over a plate of sweets, and even did one with his belt buckle undone. But, this ones seemed more like a poster and less like a cartoon.
So, I started to think of all of the waste after the holidays. The strings of lights that no longer work, the toys that get broken quickly, smashed glass balls, wrapping paper, unfinished candy canes (I have a theory that nobody eats a whole candy cane), and dead pieces of evergreen or dead Christmas trees.
This is what I have so far. We're supposed to get very realistic about it, but when we paint it, we're supposed to use analogous colors, which means that I can't use both red and green in this. I also can't use brown at all.
As a side note, I had no idea why news helicopters have hovered over the area all morning. I just looked out the window and see where fireman are up on high ladders spray water all over a smoking warehouse a few blocks away. I know that we just drove by the warehouse fire near Superior last week, and that took a very long time to get under control.


Karen at Pen in Hand said...

Nice sketch. It'll be interesting to see how this progresses as you paint it. One thought: the teacher I'm taking a class from at CIA helped me tremendously in one particular way that maybe I should pass along. He said he thought I'd already developed a "voice" in my drawing, and encouraged me to keep exploring what i'm inclined to explore. He sort of gave me permission to be myself. I say this because I wonder if what your teacher is calling 'cute' is actually reflective of the kinds of things you like to do and say. And if so - is that BAD? I'm thinking not.

Lost In Wonder said...

I totally agree, except that the teacher had another point. We didn't sign up for this class to do what we already know how to do, so she wants us to try a lot of different things. That being said, one of the guys in class said it was still "cute," so my brain must be sneaking it in there somehow. I'll try different things, and then may eventually make a circle back to what I like to do. But, I'll have new perspectives.