Sunday, November 11, 2007

Playhouse Square

Finally did something with the sketch I did at Playhouse square last weekend during the sketchcrawl. First of all, I actually had forgotten a sketchbook, and the only thing I could find was blank letter writing paper at CVS.

So, I redrew it in my sketchbook, and then used the photo I took as a color reference to do the watercoloring.

Now, I have to tend to the 55 gallon fish tank for the weekly water change. One of the fish is acting peculiar this morning. It's "Piggy," which is an orange platy with black spots on her snout (thus the name, "Piggy"). I'd move her to the 30 gallon tank, but I have a betta in there, and I hear bettas will tear into any reddish fish.

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Karen at Pen in Hand said...

Really nice perspective on this Playhouse Square sketch, Maureen. Also, the art-supplies fairy visited the other day. Haven't yet had a chance to test the Inktense, but thank you! I'll use them tomorrow.