Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tokar Florist

I was probably pushing the limits of outdoor drawing on Sunday. It was one of those days where the sun was totally misleading on how cold it could be in the shade. Yet, if you sat in the sun, you couldn't really see.

This is an interesting building. At first look, you may think that nothing is going on inside. But, if you pass it often enough, you will notice that someone is changing the windows. It took me a little bit to find out what exactly it was. I eventually just googled the address and Tokar Florist came up. Now, that makes total sense, because there are always great displays in the window showcasing table settings, party decorations, and flowers.


theodraws said...

I enjoyed looking through your blog - I'm a sucker for sketchbook composition series. I really like your style and perspective!

Maureen said...

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the kind words.