Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Favorite Places Vol. 4

I guess would constitute a favorite place. It's my living room. I have had that stereo since about 1989, and it still works perfectly. I haven't gotten rid of it, because if I ever decide to get a turntable again, it would cost a fortune. Right now, I have one that works perfectly well. You can also see my Wii and Wii balance board, my guitar and amp, my boomerang from my trip to Australia, and the picture above the stereo is a drawing of Noah's Ark at Kennywood.

It's not much like the Noah's Ark from my childhood. You used to walk into a whale's mouth to get into the funhouse-style ark. They still have the ark, but no more whale. When I was very little, I would never go in with my Dad and older sister. I would run out, get my ticket back, and go back and sit with my Mom and little sister. :D

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