Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bobby C's Classic Barbershop

One of my favorite things about sketchcrawling is the people you meet when you sit in one spot for any amount of time. I met my friend, Blaine, downtown to draw in Mall C. When we got there, the sun was in our eyes. We decided to go to plan B, which is something I spotted when I took Tabitha (my Lil Sis) to the Bodies Exhibit. It is the coolest looking barbership ever.

In the historic Colonial Marketplace, it almost feels as if the shop is set on a stage. While we were there, we met Bobby C and his partner, Cosmo. We also met, Chris, a security guard at the Marketbplace, though he'd said that he worked in the Key Bank building.

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john.p said...

Great sketch! That red sure pops out. It does look like an old barber shop. Good find.