Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little Italy - Late Afternoon

I went sketching in Little Italy after work yesterday. Now, I know it may sound weird, but it was my moment of "Ahhhh" yesterday. I'm always a get up early and go kind of person, so realizing that I can go late in the day was new for me. Especially, because I could have drawn until about 9pm outside.

I did this one while waiting for a friend to get off from work at 7pm. It's not perfect, by far, but the colors are nice. The problem that I'd had was that this was my new sketchbook, which has different paper that my old one. For some reason, when I use Tombow marker for color, I can't go over it with Micron pen. Then, I had a Pitt brush pen, which I mistakenly decided to use for the vines.


karen said...

Yeah, if you bought the Moleskine "Sketchbook," it's got some stupid coating on the paper that makes it really resistant to certain wet materials. I don't know if you saw your Tombow's doing anything weird when you laid them down, but my guess is when you went to Micron over them, the paper just said, "TOO MUCH WET!"
I don't know why Moleskine can't get it through their heads that not everyone who "sketches" in a "sketchbook" uses pencil. That seems to be their guiding principle. They need a nice all-media version that takes pen and light washes in paper that's heavier than their notebook paper.

Maureen said...

That's exactly what happened. The Tombow went down fine, and the Pitt Big Brush didn't bleed through. The only thing that bled through was Prismacolor marker. I don't think that the sketchbook version is all that great for pencil either, because the paper is super-smooth. I with the paper of the journal version was thicker, and then, it would be perfect.

I also pared down my sketch tote, and it's way more manageable than a couple of weeks ago. Though, I stabbed myself more with my stool. I'm going to go to Home Depot and see if they have some kind of bolt covers, and I'm going to fashion a shoulder strap for it.