Saturday, May 29, 2010

Euclid Beach Park Arch

Euclid Beach Park is something that is always fondly spoken of by people who had a chance to go there. I imagine that it was like how Kennywood had started, which is the park that I'd enjoyed as a child and teen growing up in PA. But, sadly, Euclid Beach Park didn't last past the 1960s, and this is the last remaining piece of the park. It's been restored (I think more than once), and it's being watched now by security cameras.

I had a great aunt that had lived in Euclid, in fact, I may still have a relative living there from my mother's side. My great aunt was single, worked for TRW for a very long time. When my mother's last aunt passed away, my mother sent me her TRW service awards (a couple of pins, a bracelet, and for some reason--a giant magnet). I never met her, but I do feel a kinship to her. She sounds as if she were very fiesty and independent. I have to imagine that since she had lived in Euclid, she'd spent some lovely summer days at Euclid Beach Park.

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