Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Sketchcrawl 8-2-09

It sprinkled a bit this morning for the weekly sketchcrawl, but that didn't deter a few of us from still giving a go of out it outside. I started in the car, moved to the street, and then moved underneath a building overhang. I finished it up after I got home from work this afternoon.

Feel free to join us next Sunday from 9am-10:30. Typically, we meet at the West 9th Phoenix Coffee. But, it's also important to check out the group's blog in order to see if the plans for meeting have changed. It's here.

This is the back of some of the buildings running along Superior. I thought it was interesting because of the ductwork coming down, but didn't realize until I was into it that it would mainly be windows. I need to work something other than windows next week.


Don McNulty said...

The windows look pretty good to me, I like your drawings. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Urban Sketching forever!

Rob Carey said...

This is a great urban sketch- wonderful piece.