Monday, May 26, 2008

The Tourist

This is my latest big project. I actually took this picture of my sister as a joke, because she had the camera permanently affixed in her hand like this no matter where we went.

I'm going today to draw with a friend down in Little Italy, so I should have some new things to show later tonight.

The dog auction went very well. My dog went for over twice what mine went for last year. It really sucked that one person didn't turn in their dog. But, it figured. It was the same woman who shut down her gallery, and didn't tell the artists that had consignment work in it. She had just trashed all the artwork; seemed to take great joy in smashing some of it. I guess it's a lesson. Between what happened there, and what happened with Arts Collinwood, an artist has to always be on guard. It's hard to protect ones self, especially in the incident with Arts Collinwood, where it was just one guy who robbed the organization, the rest of the people are good, honest people with the best intentions.


Susan's Scribbles said...

Congrats on the Bull(fighter) Terrior selling for double what you expected! It turned out great!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I want a picture of me looking goofy immortalized forever. : )