Thursday, May 22, 2008

No Drawing Today

I'm working on a big project right now, so I haven't had any little drawings to post for a while. I might catch up with Illustration Friday tomorrow, if I have a few minutes. But, I just wanted to post to update things. The dog auction to benefit the Friends of the Cleveland Kennel is tomorrow night. Also, I'm not a reality show junkie, but I alternate watching Top Chef and Project Runway throughout the year. I'm thoroughly convinced that my liking a personality one of those shows is a sure-fire death wish. As you saw with my drawing, on the last Project Runway, Chris March was my favorite, human hair dresses and all. First Top Chef was Dave. Top Chef Sam Talbot. Nick Verros from Project Runway. Top Chef's CJ. Yeah, they were all cut loose. So, it was no surprise when Dale was cut this week from the current Top Chef. I really thought it would be Richard and Dale in the finale, and I like them both. Oh, well.

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