Wednesday, March 19, 2008

West 9th

I ventured all the way out to the west side to snap pictures a couple of weeks ago to do more of these little ink drawings.

Okay, West 9th isn't way out to west side, but it does feel like I'd crossed and invisible line. Anyhow, had my passport stamped and I'm back home on the east side. I took only photographs and left only footprints.
I'm also all done watching movies at the film festival. I saw 17 total (thanks to my sister turning in the tickets that she hadn't used). My two favorites were One Bad Cat (about the Reverand Albert Wagner and his artwork) and The First Saturday in May (about the 2006 Kentucky Derby).

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Hennegan Brothers said...

THE FIRST SATURDAY IN MAY is our movie. Thanks for the shout out West 9th! Loved the CIFF.

Looks like we may release in Cleveland on 4/18. Check the website for updates


Hennegan Brothers