Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Film Festival and Rock Hall Induction

I haven't been drawing much the last few days, because I've been at the Cleveland Internationl Film Festival (http://www.clevelandfilm.org/). So far, I've seen 10 movies between Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Yes, I was out in the weather on Saturday. Not so bad when you ride the buses and rapid (http://www.riderta.com/). They got me safely to and from and were in great spirits despite the difficult work conditions. Have 6 more movies to see later this week. Might get some drawing done waiting for movies. Was with my sister and friend at the other movies so I didn't have any quiet time to draw, but I will later this week. Also, we were out later last night in order to go to the Rock Hall induction simulcast with my favorite musician/songwriter, John Mellencamp, being inducted by one of my other favorite musician/songrwiters, Billy Joel. Was a great ceremony with some very touching stories and a lot of humor. I highly suggest that you do this one year. It's only $5, and you can look around the museum all you want during the ceremony. There's plenty of places to nestle in to watch too. Reading: Joan Hess's Damsels in Distress (hadn't read one of these fun mysteries in probably 15 years). Listening to: John Mellencamp (of course, since he's a newly inducted member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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