Saturday, October 27, 2007

Spent the afternoon selling my painted frames at the Grog Shop's Funk N Junk sale. It wasn't very busy, but I sold quite a few.

While I was drawing this one, I ran out of things that interestedme in the bottom left corner, and rew that really crickety chair. My favorite square is the microphone stands. It was hard to see them through the other stuff going on, and it was pretty dark in that corner, so if you are a mic expert, and they are not acurate drawings, don't blame me.

I also like the no smoking sign.

I may color this with watercolor, but I'm still smarting from watercoloring the other drawing from the Grog Shop, where I drew another lady's table. I really messed it up with the watercolor.

Tomorrow, if it's not too cold, I might go up to the lake and draw boats. Though, I did notice that most of them are covered for the winter already.

We'll see. Maybe the zoo if it's not too cold, then?

I'm going somewhere, one way or the other.

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