Thursday, October 11, 2007

Quick Sketch Before Class

I've been hooked on sketching things around the house lately, but thist time I went to class early in order to sketch something around the classroom or lounge. As usualy, Meghan was at her desk working long before class was to start. It was a good warm-up, because we went on to draw during class too.

Then, I came home an played with an old set of watercolors to tone the paper.

The paper in the Moleskine journal book is slick and nice for the Rapidograph pen, and it take watercolor well. But, it's a little thin. If I went to the Moleskine sketch, I think the Rapidograph would scrape over the paper fibers.

Will be going to Ligonier, PA this Friday, and hopefully will get some time to sketch a little around that cute little town.

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