Friday, May 31, 2013

Townhouse Near MetroHealth

Caught a bit of a sunburn..... Not sure what I was thinking when I sat in the clear sun with no sunscreen on.  This building is adorable, and it's on a little side alley near MetroHealth.  I just love how the doors are all different colors and are so vibrant.  The building is a little more orange than I portrayed in the sketch.

I just love walking and exploring, because you can always find the neatest little gems to sketch.  And, it's sometimes something that seems perfectly ordinary, like this row of townhouses.

I did get nervous while sketching, because two people came along and were going to go grocery shopping, and one asked the other, "Should we take the truck or walk?"  I was drawing the green SUV at the time, and I was worried that they were going to haul it away.  But, they decided to walk. . . . .Plus, that might not have been their truck anyhow.

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