Monday, December 26, 2011

Repetitive Circle Pattern

I usually use the LubeStop on Mayfield in Mayfield Heights for my oil changes. I like them because they always act like I'm an old friend that has stopped by to visit them, and they always make such a fuss. They also don't try to get me to do a lot of extra stuff on my car in order to just make a sale.

This time I went to the Firestone (Lee Road in Shaker Heights) that helped me out the day before Thanksgiving, after my usual Firestone (I've used for 6 years) in the Cedar/Fairmount area refused and then got sarcastic with me. I really recommend the Shaker Heights location. They're quick. They give very accurate estimates of how long things will take, and they don't try to push work on you that your car doesn't need.

My little wait at the Firestone gave me time to draw about a third of their wall of tires. It was great circle practice to say the least.


Kay said...

cool!!! I was using Jiffy Lube..they are pretty cool but no tires on the wall to draw!!! Hope you are having a great holiday season

Maureen said...

Sure did! I really like repetitive patterns, so I was in heaven when I sat down and had all of those tires to draw! :D