Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cleveland From Wendy Park

Went to Wendy Park with Tabitha early this afternoon to draw. It was such a beautiful day, not hot at all, but very sunny with a pleasant breeze. Several people stopped to talk to us while we were sketching, including a woman who comes into my art supply store. Her and her friend were scouting out locations to paint next time they're there (they were painting closer to the lake while we were drawing close to the river). We also met what is quite possibly the nicest pit bull on the planet. We didn't catch his name, but he greeted us as if we were his best friends, and his owner said that Wendy Park is his favorite place, no matter how hot or cold it is. We petted the dog for a while, and he did a lot of licking of Tabitha's legs. Because she enjoyed the evening so well, she left this little gift for people who came along after us.

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