Monday, April 19, 2010

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is free for Cuyahoga County residents on Mondays throughout the year, and I'm never off of work on Mondays. So, I had to take advantage of the day-off & great weather, right? It's also nice to go before school lets out, because it's not so busy. I had planned to draw some birds to put in boxes around this, but ran out of time.

I switched from doing watercolor and InkTense pencils (for the most part) to using markers. I do love the Copic Sketch markers (which is the yellow), because their marker lines just disappear, but they bleed through the Moleskine Journal paper. The Tombows are nice (they're the gray and the lighter brown), but they're streaky. Though, they don't bleed through the paper.

I'm about ready to finish the Moleskine Journal that I started in fall 2007 (YES, 200----7!). I'm wondering if anyone uses Copics in the Moleskine Sketch, and if so are they streaky or do they bleed through on that paper? I know that paper hates watermedia, but I would think markers should work for the most part, right?

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Karen Blados said...

AWESOME! I love visiting your blog and seeing sights from around the area. You picked a good time ... I foolishly hit the zoo with the punks over spring break. Not a good time if you like room to walk. ;-)