Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cleveland Museum of Art

Went to the museum this morning to draw before I would get ready for the film festival tonight. I drew in the armor court, which seems to be the area that parents bring their toddlers to run like a free-for-all. None of them bothered me, which was good. I did have a museum guard watch me for a little while. He said, "It's okay." But, then when he turned to leave, he said, "It's better than I can do."

Everyone's a critic! :D


Meagan said...

Pay no mind, it's lovely detail. Makes me want to go spen some time at the museum myself!

Maureen said...

Thanks. But, in his defense, he does stand around looking at works of the masters all day. :D

Definitely head to the museum to draw! I did the ink and watercolor at home, because wet media is a heap-big-no-no.

john.p said...

Beautiful detail work! I can't help staring at this guy. Makes you wonder what the horse thought about wearing all that armor. Formidable.