Sunday, August 10, 2008

Popcorn Shop

The sky was dark, and it was actually chilly this morning with the strong winds. But, Blaine and I still wanted to go to sketch, so we settled into the coffee shop at Shaker Square, and in one half of the place, it was a popcorn shop. So, I drew the popcorn machine.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Was meeting up with my mother yesterday in order to see the Vatican Splendors exhibit at the Western Reserve Historical Museum. She found a bus trip that brought her in. They were going to stop for lunch, and I waited at the nearby Starbucks until her bus arrived. Since I don't drink coffee, I just sat and drew their little station. It hit me as odd that people who buy coffee at starbucks order such complicated coffees, and yet still have to do more customization on their drinks before they leave with them. I had a solid string of people blocking my view to add more stuff into their coffees.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Memorial Plaza

Wasn't able to go to the sketchcrawl yesterday, but the last 2 weeks, I have met a friend to go sketching on Sundays. This week, we had planned to go to the Eastman reading garden, but Memorial Plaza had some shade to sit in. There was a pleasant breeze coming down from the lake. I drew the fountain. Then, when we were cutting through the garden again, the beggar squirrel came up to us. It was the first time I actually had food with me when he was around. I had some leftovers from the House of Blues. To which I found out, squirrels don't like french fries. He came up to the fry I was holding, sniffed it quite a bit, but wouldn't take it.
Or, maybe he was upset, because it was no longer hot? Or, because he's watching his carbs and cholesterol?