Friday, September 26, 2008

Yankee Peddler Festival

I love all of the great craft shows that happen in the fall. I'd never gone to the Yankee Peddler festival, but I made a point of going the last Sunday it was open. There were so many great craftspeople there, and I have to say that it took all of my willpower to not buy anything, especially the festival food. I refrained from the funnel cakes, shortcakes, popcorns, elephant ears, fries, okay, but you can tell, I did look closely at all of that stuff!
I've been eating what is technically low glycemic. With that, I wouldn't eat anything that they had there, being that they all had white flour or sugar in them.
I've been very good for many weeks now. And, I've lost 29 pounds! I'm not seeing it or feeling it just yet, but we'll keep going. Another ten pounds, and I think there will be some clothes that I won't be able to wear anymore.

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V said...

OMG! You have more willpower than I do! Good for you on the 29 lbs. I would love to lose 25 lbs but alas...the willpower thing. I am not a gym rat and so my only choice wold be to watch what I eat.
Your wagon sketch is great. Love the pioneer.