Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Okay, here's more candy. This is a pastel painting I did over the last week of chocolate and peach rings. The top is a little lighter than real life because of my easel lamp, but otherwise, it's very close to how it really looks.

I did this, because I just liked the idea of the really super-artifical and vibrant color candies on top of the more natural-looking chocolate. What I hadn't anticipated, but worked out well, was the really reflective quality of the chocolate.
Fingers still numb; it was very awkward to wear gloves while working on this, but I honestly think that my numb fingers are going to be a long-term thing. My appointment on July 15th isn't going to solve it, and somehow, I think I'm going to have to argue with a "live with it" mentality from the doctor. Because everytime I've had something wrong, that's what their opinion has been. "We can't figure it out, so live with it."


Teri C said...

OMG!!! This is so photo-realistic, I am drooling all over my laptop!! Stunning job with the reflections, shadows and overall compostion!

Judybec said...

YUM! your blog is wonderful...I'm glad I came! These chocolates and candies look good enough to eat. You did a great job. I absolutely love those highlights on the chocolates!!!!!
Hope your doctor is able to help with your numbness...or maybe it'll go away on it's own:)

joseph's art and stuff said...

This is great. I agree with you on the just something you'll have to live with. That happened with me almost everytime I went to see the "Docs" while I was in the military. There has to be a cause, so there sould be a cure or a way too manage it.

Margaret Ann said...

Wow...that chocolate Teri I thought it was a photo! This is really well done!

On another note...I had numbing of my fingers on my right hand whenever I would do intensive drawing or calligraphy...It WAS carpal tunnel...correctly diagnosed by a neurologist. There is a simple(?) nerve conductivity test that can be done to determine the severity of the DID NOT go away on its own...eventually I did have surgery...felt like a new hand afterwards! Hope this helps?

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

thanks for visiting my blog - I'm also a Clevelander! I really like your art and will visit again soon.
I occassionaly post a painting of mine but I only do one or two a year.